Persons (hereinafter referred to as ‘’CUSTOMER’’) who visit the agencies of Esveas Tur. İşl. San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Şti (hereinafter referred to as ‘’HOTEL’’) and purchase accommodation service hereby agree to obeying the following rules.

    1. Service and the scope of the service CUSTOMER has purchased are indicated in the voucher and brochure.  
    2. CUSTOMER accepts that he/she has read the information about the content on accommodation service in brochure and website and understood the qualifications of the service purchased.
    3. CUSTOMER accepts that he/she also agrees to this accommodation purchase rules also on behalf of the other persons that will participate in the travel and he/she is responsible for providing accurate information of these said persons like First Name – Last Name, T.R. Identity No. etc., he/she is liable and responsible for informing the other participants within the scope of pre-information and brochure and other participants are deemed to have the brochure. Since all information regarding the service purchased by the CUSTOMER will be provided through the contact information he/she has shared during the purchase process, CUSTOMER accepts that HOTEL shall not be held responsible in case of missing/wrong information and/or lack of information.
    4. CUSTOMER accepts that he/she is fully responsible for any issues regarding luggage and its contents, for following and controlling his/her own belongings and that HOTEL and/or its employees shall not be held responsible for in any way legally and/or criminally for lost, stolen and missing stuff and that he/she shall not claim against HOTEL and/or HOTEL employees due to given reasons.
    5. CUSTOMER accepts that he/she is obliged to follow the laws and customs to which the property and vehicle preferred to travel are subject; that he/she will obey the rules specified by the guide, property, agency and vehicle officials regarding the purchased service, he/she shall not jeopardize the safety/integrity of life and property of the third parties and he/she will be solely responsible for all pecuniary/non-pecuniary damages likely to occur in case of jeopardizing the safety/integrity of the life and property of the third parties otherwise HOTEL shall not perform the said service and CUSTOMER shall not be entitled to the right of refund for that reason.
    6. CUSTOMER accepts to pay for extra food-beverage, personal expenditures and all goods and services out of the service apart from the scope of the purchased accommodation service.
    7. CUSTOMER accepts that he/she shall inform the HOTEL official and the hotel in written the termination reason as per the duty of cooperation and care in case of the termination of the service due to the defective service.  
    8. CUSTOMER shall not be entitled to the right to indemnity in case of CUSTOMER’s fault, an unexpected and unavoidable behaviour of a third party, force majeure (unfavourable weather conditions, road obstacles, strike, terror, fog, war possibility, unavoidable technical issues etc.), an unexpected and unavoidable situation although the Hotel/independent service provider have shown ultimate attention.
    9. For the transactions carried out through call centre, it’s required to pay 35% of the domestic service fee during the registration and the whole balance within 7 business days as of the date of sale and in case it’s 7 days or less to the check-in date, during the reservation process. In case of non-payment within the said periods, the reservation will be cancelled and 35% of the fee will be invoiced to the CUSTOMER as forfeit. The Customer who has purchased the service during early booking season is liable to pay the whole service fee on the reservation date. For the transactions carried out through website, it’s required to pay the whole registration amount and cancellation conditions given in reservation document submitted to the Customer apply.
    10. Accommodation sales made through call centre of the hotel carried out benefitting from the infrastructure of Ets Ersoy Turistik Servisleri A.S. Pos systems of Ets Ersoy Turistik Servisleri A.S. are used. After the performance of the said service, in case the relevant bank or financial institution doesn’t pay the service fee to ETS Ersoy Turistik Servisleri A.S. with the claim of unjust and illegal use of the credit card – not arising from the fault of ETS Ersoy Turistik Servisleri A.S. – used to pay the accommodation price by the CUSTOMER after the performance of the said service, the CUSTOMER will be responsible for the contested service fee and any damages along with the legal interests as of the reservation date.
    11. In case the HOTEL waives to provide the service unjustly, the HOTEL will refund all payments of the CUSTOMER to that date within 14 days.
    12. The CUSTOMER may transfer the service to a third person who meets the service requirements through a permanent data storage device or in written until 7 days before the start of the service. Transferee will be responsible for all expenses arising from the transfer process along with the transferor.
    13. In case the CUSTOMER doesn’t notify in written that he/she will participate in the service, start of which he/she has missed, the HOTEL reserves the right to cancel all reservations and services of the CUSTOMER after 24 hours. In such cases, the CUSTOMER will not be refunded. If the CUSTOMER notifies that he/she will participate in the service within 24 hours following the start of the service, he/she can benefit from the service.
    14. The CUSTOMER will be responsible for not notifying the changes of contact information as the contact information such as address, telephone, e-mail that are shared by the CUSTOMER during the purchase phase will be used for notifications.
    15. In case the CUSTOMER is minor and it may result in not benefitting from the service without his/her parent or his/her legal custodian pursuant to the rules of the relevant property, cancellation conditions given in this document shall apply in such a case.
    16. In case the CUSTOMER notifies that he/she cancels the accommodation service he/she has purchased until 15 days before the start date of the service in written or via permanent data storage device and the whole amount except for the obligatory taxes, charges and costs arising from similar legal liabilities is refunded to him/her. The CUSTOMER agrees to paying the whole amount to the HOTEL in case the CUSTOMER notifies that he/she cancels the accommodation service he/she has purchased until 14 days before the start date of the service in written or via permanent data storage device. CUSTOMER’s requests for date changes are deemed waiver and they will be notified in written considering the time of periods given above by the CUSTOMER. In case the CUSTOMER submits in written the reports indicating the diseases / deaths that restrains the 10-day usual activity of himself/herself or first-degree relatives that didn’t exist during the reservation process and documents regarding various situations that the CUSTOMER couldn’t foresee despite all his/her efforts before the start of the service, this will be exemption for this article and in such case, the paid price without the deduction will be refunded to the CUSTOMER within 14 days, except for obligatory taxes, charges and expenses arising from similar legal obligations and documentable and non-refundable fees paid to the third parties.


    Data Responsible is OTEL (Esveas Tur. İşl. San. Ve Tic. Ltd. Şti) and ETS Ersoy Turistik Servisleri A.Ş.


    1-OTEL acknowledges and undertakes that the personal data that it has acquired and that it will share within the scope of the Agreement and the personal permits to be acquired by ETSTUR on behalf of third parties are obtained from the data owners in accordance with the Law No. 6698. OTEL accepts, declares and undertakes that it will fulfill all obligations envisaged within the scope of Law No. 6698 as Data Supervisor.

    2-ETSTUR agrees to fulfill all responsibilities and obligations imposed under the Data Processor definition in Law No. 6698, provided that ETSTUR has the title of "Data Processor" during the performance of the services included in the contract. In any case, ETSTUR cannot be held responsible for the transactions or losses that occur under the Law of 6698 and under the responsibility of the Data Supervisor, and in no way does it bear the title of Data Supervisor in terms of personal data to be obtained by ETSTUR on behalf of it.

    3-ETSTUR, as defined in Law No. 6698, is not the addressee of any direct or indirect damages, unless it is used for purposes other than the purpose of personal data due to its fault, or if it is unlawfully disclosed to third parties within its fault.

    4-ETSTUR is obliged to take all necessary technical and security measures to ensure the appropriate level of security in order to prevent the illegal processing of personal data, to prevent illegal access of personal data and to ensure the protection of personal data.

    5-The parties are authorized to terminate the Contract immediately, without prejudice to all compensation claims as a result of the notification coming from any official institution within the scope of this notification.



    Your personal data collected and processed within the scope of the service you purchased, when necessary, only for the purpose of doing the job and in company with confidentiality agreements;

    • Making your hotel reservations,
    • If you have Transportation, providing them
    • Preparation of hotel entrance procedures,
    • Maintaining hotel service standards,
    • Ensuring corporate and administrative management,

    It is transferred to OTEL's solution partners and companies that are vice-aids or to other OTEL's subsidiaries.